The Joseph Story Continues

A 3-Day Gathering to equip modern-day Josephs to lead from a place of hearing God creating impact in the marketplace

The Joseph Story Continues...

Today’s societal challenges and problems call for the man or woman with a modern-day Joseph anointing to step in with divine solutions much like Joseph did in his day.

We can learn from Joseph’s example how to lead well under pressure and bring results that bless others. Together with others in the marketplace who are on the Joseph journey, we will delve into revelation and practical teaching to:

  • Dream as Joseph dreamed so you can walk out your destiny no matter what comes at you, survive betrayal, and come out of the pit ready to create your future opportunity in God.
  • Access divine counsel to receive heaven’s advantage in your court.
  • Interpret dreams so you can steward the calling over the rest of your life with clarity and purpose.
  • Find the heart of God in crisis to prepare in advance so that when others panic, you can walk confidently to serve others, love them, and provide solutions in chaos.
  • Work out God’s plans so you don’t waste your time and resources in the revolving door of the self-help solutions; learn the practicals of looking to God for your help and practical plans.
  • Know what to do in the time and season so you don’t operate out of sync with God’s timing but leverage the wisdom and insight available to be on target and bringing maximum impact right on time.
  • Take action to implement your plans and find the pace and success of working your plan.
  • Move in authority as ordained by God by understanding permission has been granted and you are empowered to love, serve, and move in your gifts and assignments.
  • Learn to forgive our brothers as Joseph did.  Forgive quickly freeing up bandwidth that caves to offense and paralyzes you from living and moving as a solutions-bringer in your spheres of influence.
  • Learn to lead without offense so you can process emotions, lead with integrity, cultivate a pure heart, and achieve full focus to execute what God has called you to do.

…charting unknown territory in our day.

The LORD was with Joseph, so he became a successful man. Genesis 39:2

What You Get

✅  Prophetic ministry, solid teaching, and practical application so that you can apply what God is doing in the gathering in your own life right away. 

✅  Revelation processing template,  so that you can easily capture what the Lord says to you and process it with Him to take action as soon as possible.

✅  Intercession guide with prayers to pray so that you can hit the ground running on Monday morning prepared to thrive  in heart, mind and spirit.

✅  Audio download of prayers to listen to and agree with on a plane, in the car, or at the gym so that you maintain focus as a Spiritual Professional in the demanding pace of daily life.

✅  Spiritual Professional Tool to measure where you are today and set your goals for growth in your professional development throughout the year.

✅  4 Core values you can integrate into your life or company for alignment so that you don’t waste valuable time and energy on pursuits that take you off course.

✅  IMPACT Talks with real life stories you can leverage from business owners, entrepreneurs, and other leaders.

✅ Productivity training to create your life plan, quarterly plan, and focus on daily traction so that you can fulfill your goals faster with eternal impact.  “Get it done today, Make it matter tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this gathering for?
Men and women in the workplace in every sphere of society. (Business, Government, Education, Family, Arts, Media, Religion)

Do I have to be a leader?
If you are seeking God’s vision for your life, ready to gain more revelation for your next steps, and serve a few other people, God calls you a leader and so do we.

Will you have an event app?
We will not utilize an app. Instead, we are opting for unplugging a bit, valuing face to face communication and being fully present for maximum connection with God and others.

What is the venue for the event?
International House of Prayer University, IHOPU, 12905 S U.S. 71 Hwy, Grandview, MO 64030

What about children?
Children under 16 are not permitted in the gathering. If you would like to purchase a Young Adult ticket (16-21), please email

Are there hotel blocks available near the conference?
Yes, when you register you will receive info on hotel blocks so you can make your reservations while rooms last.

What is the closest airport?
Kansas City International Airport (MCI) is your final destination for this event. The hotel is approximately 40 minutes from the airport.





Keynote Speakers

Meet our valued speakers


Founder, CEO 7M-pact

Leading leaders with the ‘Fields Effect’ to know God, be strong, and do exploits changing the world


    Chief Strategist, IHOPKC

    Dreamer, teacher, and author speaking around the world and consulting movements with divine insight

      IMPACT Talks

      IMPACT Talks by men and women who are walking the Spiritual Professional lifestyle to gain wisdom from heaven and apply it in their day to day work lives.


      Crafter of Messaging

      Telling the stories of God’s people and great movements

        EVAN LANGE

        Generosity Strategist

        Strategies to maximize charitable giving while minimizing tax liability

          JEFF LOVETT

          Walk Around Champion, Virtual Presenter

          Encouraging professionals to excel in sales with integrity and confidence

            BEN KORMANIK

            Business Owner & Adventurer

            Bringing the Kingdom of God to earth, as it is in Heaven


              Bootstrapper of Innovation

              Aligning financial systems by shifting to kingdom mindsets

                MATT BALES

                Business Owner and Cowboy

                Ushering in the kingdom of God through everyday business and family life

                  SCOTT STANGER

                  Chief Servant Officer

                  Thinking outside the box while checking the box for excellence

                    RICK FIELDS

                    Business Owner & Educator

                    Gentle Giant, Archer, Outdoorsman
                    Mentoring men in life skills

                      SCOTT MCKAY

                      Military Chaplain & Church Pastor, Virtual Presenter

                      Family man, builder, advisor and friend to many


                        Meet our valued musicians and singers

                        JOHANNA ROMERO

                        Marketplace Worship Leader, Global Prayer Room

                        International House of Prayer Kansas City

                          ELIJAH HERRELL

                          IHOPU Music Teacher

                          Global Prayer Room Worship Leader, International House of Prayer Kansas City

                            Gathering Agenda

                            Here’s the general schedule as Marketplace people love knowing the agenda; we do ask you to stay flexible so we can seize those divine moments as they come along.

                            Reception and Fast Track
                            Evening Session
                            Prayer Room
                            IMPACT Talks
                            Noon Lunch and Panel
                            Interactive Sessions
                            Evening Sessions
                            Brunch & Launch
                            Forerunner Church Service
                            VIP Lunch and Bonus MasterMind Session

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                            • VIP Lunch and Bonus MasterMind Session Sunday 1–3pm
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